Highly skilled labourer supply in Portsmouth

Do you need to sub-contract highly skilled construction workers? At JD Construction Portsmouth Ltd, we have a team of experienced, work-ready labourers, skilled in a variety of trades.


Construction subcontractors to support your project

Need subcontractors to deliver a skilled service? Maybe your project as grown substantially and unexpectedly? Or maybe your timescale has been shrunk? Whatever the reason for you needing to take on extra resource, our labourer supply service is second-to-none.

There are many advantages to subcontracting labourers above permanent employment, including:

-It is a cost-efficient, risk adverse way of getting the extra resource you need, when you need it

-Subcontractors can provide expertise in specialist areas of the industry that you may only need on a short-term basis

-No long term commitment of employment
Fewer legal obligations with regards to employment law

-Increased productivity from your core workers

Your search for a trusted, reliable construction company ends with JD Construction Portsmouth Ltd.
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